Batteries included: Python modules you can use

Dirigible formulae and usercode are written using Python, version 2.5.

The following Python libraries are supported:

  • All of the built-in modules supplied with Python 2.5
  • NumPy, the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python.
  • GmPy, provides multiprecision arithmetic
  • MpMath, another library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic.
  • The SciPy library, providing scientific tools for mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • PyCrypto, the Python cryptography toolkit.
  • SqlAlchemy, a Python SQL toolkit and object relational mapper.
  • LXML, for working with XML and HTML.
  • xlrd, for reading Excel files.
  • RDFLib, for working with RDF.
  • GeoPy, a geocoding toolbox.
  • Beautiful Soup, a forgiving HTML parser for real-world web pages.
  • Mechanize, stateful programmatic web browsing.

If you have a favourite Python module that you’d like us to support, send us an email at We can normally add new open source libraries within one working day.

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