A JSON API is a URL which sends back a chunk of textual data in the JSON format. These can be used by third party applications, including scripts you write yourself, to access and manipulate your Dirigible sheets over the internet.

Accessing Dirigible Sheets

Each sheet can be accessed as JSON, in either a GET or POST request. The URL to retrieve a sheet’s cell values is:


Where SHEET_URL is the URL of the sheet on the dirigible website, i.e:

To enable a sheet’s JSON access and find out your sheet’s API_KEY, open the sheet page in a browser and click the sheet’s security settings button, in the toolbar above the usercode editor.


This will display a dialog:


Click the appropriate checkbox to enable JSON access. A random API key will be generated for the sheet. You may change this if you wish, for example to deny access to third parties who have discovered the API key for this sheet.

When sending requests for the sheet content, pass the API key as a parameter (each sheet has a different API key):


This is the URL that is provided in the ‘Sheet API URL’ field in the dialog.

Overriding Cell Values

As well as retrieving cell values, the JSON API can override the formulae of cells.

This allows you to set up a sheet to perform a calculation, and then have an application use the JSON API to provide alternative input values and retrieve the new results after the sheet is recalculated.

Pass the cell overrides as either GET or POST parameters:

specifies a cell location, in any of the formats ‘A2’, ‘a2’, or ‘1,2’.

is any value you might enter as a cell formula, such as ‘42’:


Or you may pass a cell formula, starting with an equals. These formulae, like all GET and POST parameters, need to be URL encoded. For example, setting cell B3 to ‘=c2+2’ in a GET request ends up looking like:


%3D is ‘=’; %2B is ‘+’

Several cell overrides may be composed in a single request, eg:


These overrides are transient and local to the request. No other requests for the sheet will see their effects.

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