End of life: Sadly, Dirigible is being retired soon. Check out our new project, PythonAnywhere

Introducing Dirigible

Dirigible is a programmable cloud spreadsheet. It frees your spreadsheets from the limitations of your desktop computer's processor, making it easy to build analytical models that run quickly on our grid of server computers.


Build your numerical models in a spreadsheet grid on a web page. As well as traditional spreadsheet formulae, you can put Python code in each cell, so a cell can hold not just numbers or text, but objects, lists, or even references to functions. If you want to change the way the spreadsheet is recalculated — by writing your own functions to call from your formulae, by importing new modules, like NumPy or SciPy, or even by running the formulae multiple times until you reach a goal — there's a code editor right there in the page to let you do that.

Once you're happy with your spreadsheet, perhaps you want to access it from other web pages? All Dirigible spreadsheets can have an associated JSON URL, which you can use to access their data from your own sites, or to call them with parameters to write a back-end for your site with minimal coding.

Or if you prefer, you can access your spreadsheet from other Dirigible sheets. Imagine writing a model in one sheet to work out the price of a financial instrument, and then writing another sheet that uses 100 computers for a few seconds to price up a portfolio of hundreds of them.

Dirigible is now in beta; you can sign up here.